• Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez's rumored rift
  • Rihanna's relationship with Drake
  • Jennifer Lopez's relationship with Drake

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly feuding.

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Rihanna can’t stand Lopez. However, the two were former friends before they had a serious falling out due to a man, Drake.

Prior to their rift, Rihanna and Lopez were friendly to each other. However, when Rihanna and Drake broke up in 2016, she wasn’t happy after learning that Lopez was getting close with Drake shortly after their split.

According to Nicki Swift, Drake and Rihanna had a longstanding history from creating steamy music videos together to that surprising moment at MTV Video Music Award where Drake professed his longtime love for the “Diamonds” singer.

Drake and Rihanna made their romance official in July 2016 but called it quits in October. In December of the same year, Drake was rumored to be dating Lopez after the latter posted a cryptic photo on Instagram where Drake showed up at one of her concerts. By the end of the month, the two confirmed that they were dating.

Rihanna was reportedly hurt with Lopez and Drake’s romance calling the whole debacle “the ultimate betrayal.” She also allegedly called Lopez a “traitor,” In Touch reported.

While Rihanna and Lopez were feuding, the former had already made amends with the Grammy-winning rapper. The three partied after 2019 Oscars. Lopez was busy on the dance floor with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Rihanna and Drake had a run-in when he was coming down the stairs and she was going up. Those who were with the entertainers said that their encounter was very friendly.

“It was all good between them, they seemed like friends and there was no tension at all. It was a really casual exchange, but they caught up there at the bottom of the steps for a few minutes when they crossed paths,” a source told E! News.

Rihanna reignites the feud with Lopez in October when she commented about the Super Bowl half-time show where the latter was set to perform. Speaking to Vogue, Rihanna said that she couldn’t dare do it because she didn’t want to be a “sellout.”

Meanwhile, Lopez just spoke about her upcoming performance at the 2020 Super Bowl. She likened the most coveted gig to “winning the Oscar” because it is the biggest show and has the biggest audience.

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