Rihanna is allegedly afraid of losing fame. Tumblr

Rihanna is reportedly seeking help from fortune-tellers and psychics because she's afraid her fame will fade. The 25-year-old singer is a consistent chart-topper and has the most-viewed music video on website Vevo, but she's apparently concerned fans will eventually move on.

“Rihanna is exhausted at the moment and feeling lonely," a source tells the Sun, a British tabloid. "She’s worried her fans could turn against her and is also convinced she’ll lose her fame. It’s made her really superstitious. She sees signs and omens in normal events. Rihanna has been to see a psychic and a fortune-teller and asked for a look into her future.”

Meanwhile, Chris Brown recently confirmed that he has split up with on-and-off again Vietnamese model-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. After splitting up in 2009 with Rihanna, Brown started dating Tran. He has since been linked to both women.

“[Fans have] seen me on and off again with different girls, you know who they are, but right now, as a 24-year-old man, I just choose to be single! I’m still good friends with them. [Now] it’s just me being focused with my music and doing this stuff. Right now, I’m in my prime,” Brown told Hollywood Life at a charity event for his Symphonic Love Foundation. He was there to provide shoes to at-risk-youths in Compton, Calif.

After touring Europe for two months on her “Diamonds” world tour, Rihanna is heading back to Los Angeles to take a break. Considering the confusing love triangle between her, Brown and Tran, it wouldn't be surprising if Rihanna turns to Brown who also lives in L.A. to keep her from feeling lonely.