Kids' horror author R.L. Stine live tweeted his new short story Tuesday in honor of Halloween. Scholastics

R.L. Stine, who is considered the “Stephen King of children’s literature,” tried an experiment with a short story Tuesday. The kids’ horror writer, who wrote various series in the ‘90s, wrote a creepy story and posted it to Twitter. The king of Halloween said he shared the story online in honor of the spooky holiday for his 133,000 followers.

The story was apparently written live on the 140-character miniblog. They have been presented below in the order he shared them. The story, by the way, is called “What’s In My Sandwich,” and just a hint -- you’re probably not going to want to eat egg salad any time soon.

The author, 71, started writing for children with the series “Fear Street” and in 1992 he penned “Goosebumps.” The author is reportedly set to release his latest book, “A Nightmare on Clown Street,” in February, Mashable wrote.

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