Kim Kardashian
Rob Kardashian thinks sister Kim (pictured) is a "puppet master," that's why he posted the "Gone Girl" photo, a source told Radar Online. Reuters

It’s unclear if Rob Kardashian was joking when he posted a picture of the killer from “Gone Girl” and likened her to his older sister Kim. But whether or not a family feud is brewing, the only Kardashian brother thinks Kim is a “puppet master” who controls his family, Radar Online reported.

Rob, 28, has been on a media hiatus in recent years after he gained 50 pounds and his relationship with Kim was strained after he ditched her wedding to Kanye West because of body image issues. Now that they’re allegedly estranged from each other, he feels cut off from the rest of the family.

“Whenever Kim gets mad at one of her siblings for not showing up at one of her events, or gets into an argument with someone, momager Kris [Jenner] is always dispatched to smooth things over,” the source continued. “Kris is the ultimate puppet in Kim’s world, according to Rob.”

Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian potentially started a family feud Sunday when he posted a graphic picture and labeled Kim a b----. Instagram/Rob Kardashian

The Kardashians have not said why Rob would say his sister was the “b----” from “Gone Girl.” While it would seem like a specific event might have happened, it was Rob’s idea of a “joke.” “Rob just thought it was a funny comparison to Kim because she controls the entire family and wants the world to think their world is perfect,” a source told Radar Online.

Even People magazine wrote Rob’s quirky sense of humor could be to blame. "He has a funny sense of humor and posts weird things and then deletes them," an insider told the magazine. "It's just him."

The “Gone Girl” post is the only picture on Rob’s Instagram account. The rest of his posts have been deleted. In the two days the post has been up, the image garnered more than 107,000 likes from his 2.7 million followers and inspired nearly 30,000 comments from Instagram users.

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