Robin Thicke's mother says she was less than impressed with his performance with Miley Cyrus, the self-crowned queen of twerk. Reuters

Robin Thicke's mother is siding with most of the viewers who witnessed Miley Cyrus' manic performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, giving it two big thumbs down.

Speaking to Yahoo, Gloria Loring said she was less than thrilled with the now-infamous performance of her son's "Blurred Lines."

"I was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son," Loring said. "The problem is now I can never unsee it."

"Him? Loved it. I love that suit, the black and white suit," Loring said about Thicke's outfit. "I don't understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do. I just don't understand."

Loring felt Miley's contribution to the show was pretty pointless -- a fairly accurate conclusion.

"I think she's misbegotten in this attempt of hers," Loring continued. "And I think it was not beneficial."

But despite losing the approval of Robin Thicke's mom, Cyrus won the attention of Twitter on VMA night. The star tweeted that her performance commanded "306,000 tweets per minute," reports Us Weekly.

It seems those raunchy dance moves weren't in vain after all.

You can relive the madness below: