Most FPS games are violent and feature a lot of gore. A new title from Final Strike Games aims to bring back the fun in FPS games minus the blood and deaths -- by equipping players with non-lethal weapons.

“Rocket Arena” is a multiplayer FPS game that pits three players against another three players in a fight to blast enemies out of the arena. PC Gamer reported that it’s a fun shooting game that features a lot of explosions, jumping, and none of the blood and exploding bodies that can be seen in other titles.

“Rocket Arena” will run on closed Beta starting May 23, continuing until May 29. Players who join the Beta testing will be able to play as one of six unique characters, each of them having specific capabilities and weapons. There are several game modes, but all of them last for five minutes.

Battle royale titles put players in the role of a player looking for weapons and ammo in an attempt to outgun dozens of other players in a large map. “Rocket Arena,” on the other hand, puts six players in a cartoon world and gives them unlimited ammo so they can do what they were meant to: focus on blasting others away.

Each unique character in “Rocket Arena” has his or her own primary weapon, secondary attack, and special ability. Despite having a small roster of characters for the Beta, “Rocket Arena” has something to offer for everyone.

Blastbeard, for example, is a pirate that shoots cannonballs and throws an anchor at his enemies. Amphora, on the other hand, is a water-themed character who shoots torpedoes and can turn into a pool of water that throws enemies up into the air when she decides to turn into a water spout.

All of “Rocket Arena’s” characters use rocket launchers, but all of their bullets, no matter how devastating they may look, will never inflict wounds on an enemy or kill them. All rockets and attacks are meant to throw enemies off the arena, and those who get blasted off the map fly right back in to join in on the fun until the time is up.

“Rocket Arena” starts its Beta on May 23. Those who are interested to join can sign up here.

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