Hallmark Channel’s very merry holiday season continues with the newest “Countdown to Christmas” holiday premiere, “A Royal Queens Christmas.” The film, which stars Megan Park and Julian Morris, premieres Saturday night.

Fans will be delighted by the film, as it allows them to get acquainted with one completely new face to the network and get reacquainted with another that has worked on it before. Fans may remember Park, who has starred in “Christmas Made To Order,” “Once Upon a Prince” and “Time For Me To Come Home For Christmas.” She is also potentially well-known for roles outside of the network, which included in Lifetime’s “A Christmas Wish,” as well as “A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song.” She also is well-remembered for her role as Grace from “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

However, fans will be getting their first introduction to Morris. He is best known for his roles as Wren on “Pretty Little Liars” and Reverend Paul Curtis on “Hand of God.”

So what will happen in this film? Let’s find out.

“Dee Dee (Park) works at a well-established bakery in Queens, New York after returning home from a tour of duty in the army,” a synopsis reads. “The bakery is commissioned to supply desserts for an international Christmas gala and fundraiser in Manhattan. When she goes to meet with the chef, Dee Dee has a run in with Colin (Morris) in the lobby, and he knocks over her plate of precious pastries. When she learns Colin plays piano and could play in the local Christmas show, she asks him to help as payback.”

However, while he agrees to help, Dee Dee has a wrong assumption about who he really is, unaware that he’s actually royal. However, the secret gets out when unexpected visitors show up, blowing his cover.

“Colin conceals his identity as he feels at home in the Bayside community among Dee Dee’s family and friends, participating in the neighborhood’s holiday activities,” the synopsis continues. “All is going well until his parents, the King and Queen of Exeter, show up in New York with a princess they hope Colin will marry, ruining Colin’s cover story.”

Will they be able to overcome their differences?

“A Royal Queens Christmas” airs Saturday at 8 p.m. EST on Hallmark Channel.

A Royal Queens Christmas
Julian Morris and Megan Park star in “A Royal Queens Christmas.” Crown Media LLC/Brooke Palmer