Geekwire has leaked a screenshot of what it claims to be a new cloud service from Google, dubbed "Google Drive." Geekwire

Google has its hands in everything these days -- email, office suites, geo-locational software, point-of-sales apparatuses, publishing and multimedia -- so it only makes sense that Google will soon launch a cloud-based hard drive service.

Rumors of such a service, dubbed Google Drive, have circulated on Google-dedicated tech blogs over the last few weeks, and now there's even greater reason to believe that the cloud storage client is coming soon.

TalkAndroid, a site dedicated to the latest rumors and news about Google, has published a screenshot of what it claims to be the introductory screen to Google Drive. The screenshot shows a large download button for what will presumably be client software -- much like Spotify -- for something that helps users upload and share documents on the cloud.

The screenshot from TalkAndroid also shows that Google is offering 5GB of free space. It's free and installs in seconds, says the ad copy. Access files on your computer from anywhere. The anonymous source the blog cites says that Google Drive will be released during the week of April 16.

The leaked info appears to support other rumors reported on by Geekwire. Both articles show a new triangular logo featuring the light pastel colors Google has used for its other services. Geekwire's leaked screenshot looks a lot like the GoogleDocs layout.

Rumors of Google Drive began circulating after the Wall Street Journal reported that Google would be offering an enterprise cloud service that allows people to store data and share it with friends and co-workers. WSJ wrote, Like Dropbox, Google's storage service, called Drive, is a response to the growth of Internet-connected mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and the rise of 'cloud computing,' or storing files online so that they can be retrieved from multiple devices ... .