• The Tesla Cybertruck will enter production in 2021
  • Cybertruck has more than 250,000 per-orders just a few days after it was officially unveiled
  • It is only a matter of time that we see Russia's very own version of Cybertruck

Late in 2019, a German TUV expert revealed the necessary modifications That Tesla must do to Tesla Cybertruck so it could be certifiable in Europe. Over the years, the safety and emissions standards in the Old Continent have become even more strict, but it is a different story in Russia, where some vehicles like the 2020 Lada 4x4 have no airbags. Russia is the country where the Tesla Cybertruck could possibly be registered for public roads, even in its raw prototype form.

Apparently, Russia is the land of freedom where anyone is free to build their own Tesla Cybertruck. Earlier, we saw a Tesla Cybertruck rip-off in the streets of Russia, but this one is anew story. Folks from the Garage54 YouTube channel did not disappoint, according to Motor1, in its recent report about the team. 

Garage54 is known on the Internet as a place for weird custom creations., and the team is currently working on its own version of the Tesla Cybertruck, which at this stage looks promising, reports Motor1. The team utilized an old AUZ off-roader as a foundation for its version of the all-electric pickup truck from Tesla. It is the same car that Garage54 literally cemented last year.

For this latest experiment, however, the layers of cement are now gone. Following a probably exhausting and long process of removing the concrete and disassembling the AUZ, it is finally prepped to be the next futuristic, sci-fi looking Cybertruck. It appears that the team elongated the chassis frame of the vehicle and applied huge off-road tires to achieve the look of the Tesla Cybertruck. 

In another video, Garage54 created the body and the window. In the end, the project looks like the original Tesla Cybertruck. The elongated driveshaft assures that the all-wheel-drive capability of the vehicle is there. 

Following the official launch of the Tesla Cybertruck, it received a wide range of praises and criticism for its polarizing design. True to the words of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the all-electric pickup truck is indeed something, which the world has never seen before. Despite the harsh words thrown against the vehicle by some critics, the Cybertruck pre-orders reached 250,000 just a few days after it was revealed.