• Elon Musk made a big announcement at a recent event in tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai
  • Tesla CEO said Gigafactory 3 would soon release a radical electric vehicle designed and engineered in China
  • The radical Tesla EV, according to Musk will be released in the global market

  Exactly one year after breaking ground in Shanghai production facility, the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in China held its first public delivery event for the Made in China (MIC) Model 3 sedans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in the region for the event and made some interesting comments. One of these includes hiring a team of designers to create an original model in China that will be available in the global market.

In his speech during the event, the Tesla CEO said, “We intend to continue making a significant investment, and increasing the investment in China, making the Model 3 and the Model Y and future models in China.” But, whenever, Musk is given the microphone, expect something interesting to come out of his mouth. He went on to make a huge announcement that the US electric vehicle maker would come up with an original vehicle with a Chinese design and engineering center. 

“I think something that would be super cool would be to – and so we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna try to do it – would be to create a China design and engineering center to actually design an original car in China for worldwide consumption. I think this will be very exciting. I think China has some of the best art in the world and I think it’s something that would be appreciated on a worldwide basis. I think it should be done, and we’re gonna do it,” the Tesla  CEO  said. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented the first batch of made-in-China cars to ordinary buyers on Tuesday in a milestone for the company's new Shanghai "giga-factory Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented the first batch of made-in-China cars to ordinary buyers on Tuesday in a milestone for the company's new Shanghai "giga-factory", but which comes as sales decelerate in the world's largest electric-vehicle market. Photo: TESLA WEIBO ACCOUNT /

Musk did not share any other details about a new electric vehicle, aside from saying that it is something kind of radical that nobody expected, like the Tesla Cybertruck. The recent event also serves as a ceremony where some senior Chinese government officials were present. Musk also personally handed the keys of Made in China Model 3 vehicles the first ten non-Tesla customers.

The Tesla Gigafactory 3 is the first production facility of the company outside the US. So far, it has successfully hit the production goal set by the company averaging 3,000 units weekly. Aside from the design and production of a future radical electric vehicle, the facility also starts the Tesla Model Y production in Jan. 7.

A Chinese engineered electric vehicle could be a wise strategic move for Tesla, considering that China is the world’s largest electric vehicle market. But, there could also be drawbacks considering that it might be challenging to sell a Chinese engineered car in the US or EU, says Electrek. For now, we will definitely hear less about this radical electric vehicle, but just like the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla has a way of delivering its promise, especially if it comes from Elon Musk.