• "Rust" does not allow character customization
  • Facepunch Studios initially set random characters to players
  • The game is currently available on PC and will soon release on Xbox One and PS4

The Mutliplayer-only suvival title, "Rust," initially did not allow character customization. However, players have discovered a workaround they can use to customize their characters in the game. Here’s how:

Players must make sure they have a copy of “Rust” in their Steam library before doing anything. It is also important that their profile is set to Public. They must also ensure they run the game as an administrator.

After completing these steps, players should proceed to their Steam library and right-click on the game “Rust.” They then should click on Properties and look for Launch Options. After that, players need to type in several codes based on how they want their characters to appear when the game launches.

Rust - Tech Tree Update
Rust December patch. Facepunch Official YouTube Channel

Another important reminder for players who want to customize their character is that they can only use one code in a category. Keying in two codes in the same category will crash the game. Also, it is important to use the exact codes to avoid encountering any issues while playing the game.

Codes For Changing Gender, Hairstyle And Skin Tone

To change the in-game character's gender, players can use gdr20m for a male character and gdr20f for a female character. For character color, players can use rcW_low for Low White, rcW_high for Heavy White, rcB_low for Low Black, rcB_high for Heavy Black and rc_asn for Asian.

To get the desired bust and noodle size, players could use the codes such as sz6s for Size 1, sz6m for Size 2 and sz6l for Size 3. There are five available codes for different hairstyles. Players could use rcH_1 for Hairstyle 1, rcH_2 for Hairstyle 2, rcH_3, for Hairstyle 3, rcH_4, for Hairstyle 4 and rcH_5 for Hairstyle 5.

These codes are courtesy of GameTweark, but the site notes these codes do not guarantee that players achieve their desired character in the multiplayer-only game. There is another way for players to customize their in-game character, but it requires switching to a different Steam account.

“Rust” is a survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. The game is currently available on PC and will soon release on Xbox One and PS4.