Fans of Ryan Dunn, the “Jackass” star who died early Monday morning in an automobile crash, are outraged over plans by the extremist Westboro Baptist Church to picket his funeral.

The Church, led by the always controversial Fred Phelps, condemned Dunn as a “drab pervert who hawked porn-level filth to get rich from a perverse generation.”

Jackass and Dunn fans have expressed their anger at Phelps on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.
According to someone named Dr_B_Frigo tweeted “These people are f’ed up. I hope @jackassworld guys kick their a_s.”

A person named possum_chop said on Twitter: “This is disgusting. If the @d_ckhouseworld @jackassworld crews need back up, just ask – we’ll be there for you xx.”

A particularly aggrieved gwarfield tweeted: “Westboro Baptist church says they are picketing Ryan Dunn’s funeral. I hope Bam shoots them all. #DieF_ckers.“

Another fan, @JohnnyKnoxviIIe, wrote: “I’LL SHOVE A WHOLE F_CKIN’ CAR IN THEIR ASSES! I think the @jackassworld boys would kick their arses.”