Emma Stone Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling joked about Emma Stone's sweating problem. Above, they are pictured Dec. 7, 2016 in Hollywood. Getty Images

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have worked on three feature films together, which makes it nearly impossible to deny their onscreen chemistry. What some people might not know about Stone, though, is that she has a “sweating problem.”

The actress joked about her overactive sweat glands during a stint on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last month. Gosling brought it up when he sat down with DeGeneres Friday.

“I thought it was odd for the first two weeks when she was rehearsing in a wetsuit,” Gosling teased about Stone. “But she doesn't sweat all over -- she just a few very active sweat glands. It's like poking holes in a waterbed. It's just a few of them, so if you stay out of the way, you'll be fine.”

Gosling and Stone have co-starred in three films: “La La Land,” “Gangster Squad” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

With the holidays approaching, Gosling dished about celebrating Christmas with his daughters he has with longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes.

“Es was a little too young last year. I don't think she understands that you can ask for something just yet,” he said about 2-year-old Esmeralda. “It's a real sweet spot, where you give her anything, you know.” His youngest daughter, Amada, is 7 months old.

While Gosling wouldn’t say what he would gift Mendes, he dished about he wanted. “We should get a Roomba for our Roomba,” he said. “I feel bad for it because it works tirelessly and at night I can hear it cleaning and I just feel bad for it.”

Turned out DeGeneres knew just what he wanted. “I know more about you than you think I do,” the host said, gifting him a Roomba with her face on it. “It's a lot more beautiful than the one I have,” he kidded.

“La La Land” premieres in theaters nationwide Friday, Dec. 16.

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