Safaree Samuels
Safaree Samuels doesn't have much hope for Nicki Minaj in her feud with Remy Ma. Pictured: Safaree Samuels on June 23, 2016 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

If Nicki Minaj is looking for some assistance in her feud with Remy Ma, she shouldn't expect to get any help from her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

While leaving a gym in Los Angeles, TMZ caught up with the rapper and “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star and asked him about his opinion on the beef. According to Safaree, credibility wise, he feels Nicki was disrespected on the Remy Ma diss song, “shETHER.”

The rapper told TMZ, “Credibility wise, it’s just a very disrespectful record. It’s probably the most disrespectful record I’ve ever heard in my life.” When asked if he thought Nicki should respond to Remy Ma, Safaree’s outlook for his ex-girlfriend seemed bleak.

“I don’t, cause it’s like what can you even say? What can you even say to Remy? There’s really not much,” he said. With the “Anaconda” rapper appearing like she needs help, Safaree was asked if he would assist her but revealed that he doesn’t want to get involved.

“I don’t get caught up in the whole female beef thing, so you know what I’m saying. I’ma just try to mind my business as much as possible,” the rapper said while laughing.

Safaree is just one of Minaj’s ex-boyfriends that Remy Ma mentioned in her diss track but the “Love and Hip Hop” star is the first to comment. Nicki’s most recent ex, Meek Mill, was also mentioned in the song but has yet to publicly respond.

On the diss track, Remy claims Meek Mill told her the “Pinkprint” rapper’s butt implants popped. The “All The Way Up” rapper also accused Nicki of starting the beef between Drake and Meek. Since the release of “shETHER,” Meek posted a photo of himself on Instagram with a caption that claimed he would be staying quiet.

While Minaj has yet to respond to Remy’s latest diss, the “Super Bass” rapper appeared to have started the feud on the song “Make Love,” a collaboration with Gucci Mane where she called herself the best female rapper and alluded to another female hip-hop star who was jealous.