Must be the season of the witch! Our favorite spell-binding characters from the hit supernatural series “Salem” will return for more thrills when the WGN American drama airs its Season 2 premiere on Sunday, April 5. Curious what kind of magic the sophomore installment has up its witchy-sleeve? Well, according to the synopsis for the premiere episode, titled “Cry Havoc,” the city of Salem will be forced to confront another threat in Season 2 of “Salem”: the plague.

“In the wake of the Grand Rite -- merely the first phase of the Hive’s dark undertaking –- a horrendous plague sweeps through Salem,” the summary reveals. For those who don’t know, the Grand Rite is a dangerous ritual performed by the witches that is said to purge the world of all humans, leaving the witches (and those close to them) to run the show.

As the town of Salem decays away from the disease, tension between Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) and Mary (Janet Montgomery) will heighten. Should audiences expect an uprising? Even if Tituba decides to team up against Mary, it looks as though Salem’s most powerful witch will be too busy with the recent arrival of her demonic son to be worried about a betrayal.

According to Brandon Braga, the show’s executive producer, Mary’s son, who she gave up to the devil in exchange for powers, will act as a large influence on Mary in Season 2.

“That’s what’s interesting about the appearance of the child,” the EP addressed the impact of Mary’s son during an interview with Zap2it. “Is this going to put her on a path of redemption or a path of deeper [evil]?” he questioned. Considering Mary stated her desire for war in the chilling promo video for the sophomore installment, we can only assume the arrival of the boy will only cause more chaos for the rotting town of Salem.

It was also revealed in the episode 1 synopsis that Mary will confront Mercy (Elise Eberle) “in a bid to strike a bargain with the upstart Witch.” But as it turns out, Mercy already has “diabolical” plan of her own already set in motion. Mary’s plan for power will be hindered once again when she meets an “intriguing man of science” named Dr. Samuel Wainwright (Stuart Townsend), who will end up “threatening her cause.” And as we well know, Mary does not like to be threatened. That’s why Anne (Tamzin Merchant) will have to be very careful when she realizes that she is a cradle witch.

“And we see, my God, she may be more powerful than Mary,” Braga confirmed Anne's mystical force to Zap2it. “What will she do with this definitive knowledge [in Season 2]?”

What are you most looking forward to when “Salem” Season 2 premieres on Sunday, April 5, at 10 p.m. EDT? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.