salem season 2 spoilers
A new trailer for Season 2 of "Salem" has been released. WGN America

Who knew lullabies could be so chilling? In the first full-length Season 2 trailer for “Salem,” fans of the WGN American series got a glimpse at the freaky upcoming installment. Check out everything we learned about the new season from the promo video below:

1. Creepy Children

The minute-long video features Mary (Janet Montgomery) attempting to soothe her child with a twisted version of “Hush, Little Baby.” And we have to admit, her rendition of the traditional tune did anything but lull us to sleep.

“You look like you never had a lullaby before,” Mary says to her son (played by Oliver Bell) who endures an ominous vision while she belts out the disturbing song.

2. Alarming Visions

Mary's son's prophecy includes John (Shane West) covered in blood and sporting strange carvings on his body (does this mean the Indians saved his life?), a web of dead frogs, and the citizens of Salem crying out in fear.

But that’s not all we learned from the video dubbed “Lullabye.” Viewers were also introduced to the supernatural show’s newest character, Countess Marburg, played by “Xena: Warrior Princess” star Lucy Lawless.

3. New, Powerful Character

The Countess has previously been described as one of the “last remaining survivors from a line of ancient German witches.” Does this mean she could be Salem’s newest threat? Tituba (Ashley Madekew) seemed to think so as she warned Mary that the foreign enchantress “could kill any one of us.”

And it’s safe to say that Tituba wasn’t kidding around. The remainder of the trailer reeks of death as fans are forced to confront their fair share of corpses, blood and even a distorted monster.

4. A Grusome Threat

“Don’t go in there,” a little girl warns as a man inches closer to what seems to be the home of a murderous creature.

“Who’s down there?” he questions, only to learn that death is lurking in the shadows. As he searches the home a monster with boils on its skin and red, flowing hair surprises him.

Could the stomach-churning creature be Anne (Tamzin Merchant)? Brandon Braga, the show’s executive producer, previously teased to Zap2It that it would only be a matter of time before the cradle witch acknowledged her powers.

According to the EP, Anne’s abilities will be unleashed after she fiercely tries to deny her gifts. “And we see, my God, she may be more powerful than Mary," he revealwed. "What will she do with this definitive knowledge [in Season 2]?”

Season 2 of “Salem,” titled “Witch War,” will premiere Sunday, April 5 on WGN America at 10 p.m. EST.