Samsung is recently fixing an external issue about the Galaxy S10 5G concerning its battery. A Galaxy S10 5G unit was suddenly “burnt,” according to one owner of the device. Here’s what we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10 issue.

According to AFP (via ABS-CBN News), a Samsung Galaxy S10 owner, who asked to only be named under his last name “Lee,” smelled that his device was burning and emitting smoke. Upon picking it up, Lee said that the device was “so hot” he had to drop it on the ground. Lee confirmed that he didn’t do anything with the phone and found that its internal parts were already “burnt.” Samsung refused to reimburse the $1,200 phone, Lee said.

Since Lee’s incident with the phone, Samsung confirmed to CNET that the issue happened not because of any internal problems but due to an external impact with the device. Further details about the device’s problems weren’t mentioned.

Samsung has a history of devices with problems. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tablet had problems with its battery, which put owners at risk of possible injuries due to explosions. Samsung was able to fix this issue through a massive pullout of the Note 7 line and by making it up with the Note 8 release.

Additionally, the Galaxy Fold is also experiencing some problems from negative reviews, and Samsung postponed its China reveal set for April 23 to 24. Reviewers have praised the device for its features, but its durability fell flat as it experienced minor display issues that escalated to serious problems later on. The Galaxy Fold is yet to be released and the company still has time to fix it before its actual release.

As of now, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G would be an upgrade to the series as it improves the device’s mobile data technology. It’ll also be available in the U.S. later this year and four carriers will have this device available.

We’ll have to wait for more updates from Samsung to find out how the Galaxy S10 5G's problems would be sorted out before its release.

Samsung Galaxy S10 More leaks and predictions about Samsung Galaxy S11e are now making rounds online. Photo: LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images