Samsung has recently patented a new service that seems to be geared for gaming and is similar to the Apple Arcade. Potentially, Samsung may be planning to contest the upcoming Apple gaming platform with their own. Here’s what we know about this.

According to Patently Apple, Samsung has applied for a patent in the U.S. for their “PlayGalaxy Link” service. Official details have yet to be released, but the title seems to be related to gaming on the Samsung platform.

This platform is expected to arrive along with the release of Samsung Note 10 in August. As of now, Samsung has yet to officially announce this subscription service publicly.

Once released, the PlayGalaxy Link subscription could definitely compete with the Apple Arcade. As it coincides with the Note 10 release, the new device could be kickstart the platform itself. The PlayGalaxy Link is also expected to offer a new set of content for the Samsung Gear VR headset.

More than just a platform for handling smartphone games, the patent noted that the subscription would allow it to “stream PC games.” Potentially, future devices like the Galaxy Note 10 might be built to have improved hardware to process these games.

Meanwhile, the platform is also expected to handle eSports tournaments in competitive mobile games and provide virtual reality services provided from computer sources.

Overall, the platform’s potential offerings can contest rivals such as Apple Arcade.

On Apple’s end, the company has recruited known indie game developers and industry veterans to create games for the iOS platform. All of their creations are easily available if the user is subscribed to the Apple Arcade platform. Samsung’s game streaming services and VR game offerings are great offerings that can rival what Apple plans to offer their users.

Aside from Apple, Samsung has overtaken Google in making a game streaming subscription in Google’s own smartphone operating system, Android. Currently, Google is planning to release the Google Stadia subscription system, which allows players to stream whole PC games into their own computers. This process doesn’t require space and strong hardware, but only fast internet connection to make it work.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Samsung to see if the company plans to take their subscription service to other Android smartphones.

Samsung Gear VR
Pictured: Visitors test a Samsung Gear VR (mobile virtual reality headset) powered by Oculus at the Pixii stand during the "Sunny Side of the Doc", an international documentary martketplace, in La Rochelle on June 28, 2018. AFP/Getty Images/Xavier Leoty