The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is expanding, with more players joining in every quarter.

With many tech companies, including Nvidia and Apple, investing in the auto industry, Samsung is putting its own horse in the race with its subsidiary Samsung SDI making batteries for electric vehicles.

SDI announced its new batteries in Seoul on Monday. According to SDI, these high-energy density battery cells come with an integrated battery module and will be 10 percent lighter than existing EV batteries. These developments will allow the batteries to run 300 miles on a single. In addition to that, the batteries will be charged up to 80 percent within 20 minutes.

Samsung’s claim puts its EV batteries way ahead of competition such as Tesla’s Model 3 batteries, which can do only 215 miles on a single charge and take around one hour to charge. The company says that the batteries will enter mass production in 2021.

Battery technology will hold the key to EVs becoming mainstream vehicles — it will determine the kind of range and features electric cars can offer. Such developments in EV batteries will be a win-win for consumers who would find it convenient if they don’t need to charge their EVs every now and then. 

In fact, such range would mean that EVs would become more convenient to use than regular gas guzzling cars, which need to be filled with more regularity.