A Samsung flexible AMOLED phone protoype Wikipedia

Samsung made waves at the 2014 International CES last week with the unveiling of its Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets, but behind the scenes, the manufacturer was showing off technology, which may be featured in future devices.

Samsung showcased the world’s first foldable AMOLED display at a private event during CES 2014, ETNews reports. The 5.68-inch high resolution prototype is reportedly made of new plastic substrate, which allows displays to be extremely thin and flexible. In addition, Samsung has successfully implemented touchscreen functionality into its flexible display.

Samsung’s flexible display concept notably dates back to even before 2013, but the manufacturer announced its Samsung Youm flexible display technology at last year’s consumer electronics show. During the early months of 2013, news surfaced that Samsung was having trouble with its flexible display development, but many still had hope that a flexible display device would still release in 2013. Ultimately, no such device was released by Samsung, but the manufacturer came close with the Samsung Galaxy Round. Reports indicate that the Galaxy Round actually does not utilize flexible display technology, but rather incorporates an indium tin oxide (ITO) film into its curved display, a material which breaks easily and thus was not suitable for flexible display development.

But with its new film-like polyimide (PI) substrate features in the recently showcased foldable AMOLED display, Samsung appears to have overcome the developmental hurdles, which plagued the manufacturer in 2013. Analysts indicate that foldable AMOLED displays will be commercialized by 2015 at the earliest.

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