Samsung's first smartphone to feature a rear dual-camera setup will be the Galaxy C10. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Samsung’s much-rumored Galaxy C10 smartphone has been spotted in a newly leaked photo. The still-unannounced handset will be Samsung’s first smartphone to feature a dual-camera setup.

The leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy C10 first popped up on the Chinese social site Weibo, Android Headlines said. The photo shows the device in its rose gold color option. More importantly, the leaked image shows the upcoming smartphone will feature dual cameras on the back.

Unfortunately, the person who shared the image of the Galaxy C10 didn’t provide any information on its specs. There’s a rumor going around that the handset will be powered by a Snapdragon 660 chipset, GSM Arena reported. Judging from the leaked image, it’s clear the Galaxy C10 will have a metal body, and the dual-LED flash will be placed between the two camera lenses.


Although it’s not that visible, the dual cameras on the back appear to be protruding a bit from the Galaxy C10’s back. The antenna lines are also clearly visible above the pill-shaped camera module. The power/sleep/wake button is seen on the right-hand side of the device, which means that the volume rocker is on the opposite side.

The button on the right-hand side could be a dedicated Bixby button, a feature first introduced by Samsung for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It would make sense for the South Korean phone-maker to include the Bixby button on its other future handsets since its so eager to compete with the likes of Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

Speaking of the Galaxy C10’s sides, its metal chassis also curves to the side, possibly a way to make the device seem thinner and more comfortable to grip. However, tapered sides usually mean the device will be a bit slippery unless it is inside a case.

What’s really a mystery is how it will look up front. Samsung already has eliminated the physical home button on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in favor of on-screen navigational buttons. One thing Samsung compromised on to do this is by placing the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner on the back much to users’ dismay.

There’s no sign of the fingerprint scanner on the back of the Galaxy C10, so it’s likely it will still have a physical home button up front. After all, all of the previous Galaxy C phones have a physical home button up front just below the display. Speaking of display, it’s being speculated the Galaxy C10 might have the biggest display among the Galaxy C-line, possibly 6-inches.

International Business Times reported earlier this week the case for the Samsung Galaxy C10 was leaked online. Curiously, the case doesn’t seem to match the design of the Galaxy C10. The leaked image of the Galaxy C10 has the LED flash between the two camera lenses, while the alleged leaked case for the handset has a separate hold for the flash.

It’s possible that the case’s design was based on an early concept of the Galaxy C10, or the case is actually for a different handset. It can also be considered that the leaked image of the Galaxy C10 is fake since the placement of the LED flash seems detrimental to photo quality.