Many reviewers recently got their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold device. So far, most of the reviewers applauded the device for its features, saying it is worthy of being in the lead in the “foldable display” device race. Here’s what we know about the new Samsung device, according to its reviewers.

According to Engadget, the new Samsung Galaxy Fold device feels sturdy and functional to use. The new smartphone’s locking mechanism for its “fold” feature is also reliable as the lock is tough. With this, users can feel secure keeping this in their luggage without fear of it flapping open by itself.

Using the device one-handed to switch between phone and tablet mode is possible but requires practice to do safely and correctly.

However, the device’s tablet mode has a visible crease to it, breaking up the view. Since the device folds, users will see the screen’s hinges in the middle of their tablet mode screen. The crease isn’t visible when looking at dark backgrounds or dimly-lit movie scenes, but it gets apparent when looking at brighter images.

This crease may irk some users at first as it might ruin the experience of reading, watching or using any app on the device. The issue may not only be because of the technology’s limitation but also because there’s no app or content designed specifically for foldable devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Meanwhile, the device also has the “App Continuity” feature, according to The Verge. This feature allows the device to resize the display seamlessly if users happen to switch from phone and tablet modes while looking at content. The Samsung Galaxy Fold does this feature seamlessly, though the phone mode’s size may be a problem for users with bigger hands.

For now, the reliable features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold definitely make the device worthy of its leading spot in the foldable display device development race. Samsung currently shares the top spot with Huawei as they’re already developing their devices while other Android phone developers are still planning theirs.

Since Samsung has already shown their device for review, the South Korean company may just have taken the lead in the whole competition.