Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is at risk of cancellation as the SPen could be compromising the device’s overall quality.

A recently revealed leak by Ice Universe, a well-known Samsung insider show how SouthKorea’s tech giant might consider dumping the plans of pushing through with the Note 10 production. The alleged possible cancellation comes in response to the increasing call from the public to halt the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 assembly role out.

Ice’s leak revealed that Samsung allegedly sacrificed some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s special features just to give room for the SPen which requires Samsung’s flagship device quite a lot. The Korean tech giant opted to cut 800 mAh from the Note 10 battery to be able to house the SPen.

The 20 percent deduction from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 capacity seemed not enough as Samsung was also forced to move away from aggressive cameras just to give way for the large space that the SPen requires. Such amount of deduction from the battery size could compromise the device’s capacity and compromise Note 10’s reputation as competitors such as Apple tend to increase their devices’ battery performance by 20 percent, annually.

With the growing competition in the smartphone market, consumers are looking at some common factors to consider in choosing a device to buy. Battery and camera which Samsung recently sacrificed on the Galaxy Note 10 are two of the major aspects that users are looking at and having them compromised for the sake of SPen may pose a serious risk in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 sales.

Samsun Galaxy Note may be a popular catch with the loyalty rate from Galaxy customers remaining consistent every time the new series is released in the market. However, the tight competition in the mobile market gives the consumers a wider variety of options to choose from including Samsung’s own S-series.

If Samsung S-series could provide the Samsung Galaxy Note the satisfaction with its uncompromised features at a lower price, chances are the tech giant might truly halt the Note 10 production. Samsung S10 Plus, the company’s most recent release technically surpassed the Note 10 in performance and many aspects not to mention the cheaper market price.