Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 phablet in all its glory has sashayed its way through Ariana Grande’s brand new single “Focus.” To top it off, this device is now available at a discounted price on eBay.

The new music track dubbed “Focus” shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the hands of Ariana Grande right within a couple of seconds from the beginning of the video. The Note 5 looks amazing in the video clip with its brilliant metallic exterior.

To top it off, Grande uses the handset’s key features including that of the S Pen stylus. She uses the stylus to take notes and also flaunts the new feature that lets the user scribble on the display without having to unlock the device. Needless to say, Samsung and Grande fans will have good time watching the new video.

On the other hand, Phone Arena said that Samsung apparently footed $25 million to be part of Rihanna's upcoming new album and also the music tour. This is with the hope that more people would be interested in purchasing the device endorsed by the muse herself.

In case, readers would like to purchase this brilliant phablet, retailer eBay is now offering the brand new Galaxy Note 5 with 12 percent discount. The 64 GB version of this phone is now available at a price of $749, while the original price used to be $849. This is a limited period offer and potential buyers will get free shipping service upon ordering this GSM unlocked device.

The discounted Note 5 with model number SM-N9208 is a Dual-SIM device and it is now available in White hue. Here is the link to order eBay’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Lastly, readers can check out the brand new album “Focus” by Ariana Grande touting the brilliant Note 5: (Credit: YouTube/Ariana Grande Vevo)