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Samsung has reportedly started working on the Galaxy S9 earlier than expected. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

A recent leak claims to show details about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. If valid, the leak could reveal a flat, bezel-free display for the phablet, after several generations of Samsung releasing curved display devices.

The video originates from the Chinese Twitter account, @mmddj_china and shows a wide smartphone front panel, which it claims belongs to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 handset. There appears to be no curvature to the panel, as one would expect from other Samsung flagships, such as the Galaxy S8. However, the panel also reveals an infinity display. This would indicate the device in the video likely has a virtual, on-screen home button.

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Samsung has stated intentions to shift away from a flat display design to its dual-edge curved display as a signature differentiator for its flagship smartphones. So far, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 7 have released with no flat display options. However, there are other leaks that suggest the Galaxy Note 8 design may be more flat than curved.

Recently, a YouTuber by the name of Concept Creator shared a 3D-printed dummy model of what he claims is the Galaxy Note 8. The model appears to be more curved along the sides of the device itself more so than the display. This design may differentiate between the Galaxy S8 Plus and the Galaxy Note 8 as two different types of phablets.

Rumors suggest the Galaxy Note 8 display could be 6.3-inches, and some also suggest 6.4-inches. It is possible the Galaxy Note 8 display may have less of a curvature or none at all to ensure the device can safely house all of its internal components. Samsung’s efforts to make the Galaxy Note 7 as small as possible contributed to its ultimate design flaw, which caused the phablet’s battery to explode.

After the 2016 discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, consumers and pundits will likely be watching the Galaxy Note 8 for signs of a repeat malfunction. The Galaxy Note 7 was the first Galaxy Note device to feature a dual-edge curved display. It was Samsung’s first device to feature a dual-edge curved display coupled with an S-Pen.

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In the past, Samsung claimed such a design would render the device too expensive for consumers. However, the Galaxy Note 7 proved quite popular during its short time on the market, even with an $850 price tag. Now, Samsung has other valid reason possibly shy away from a more compact form factor for the Galaxy Note 8.

So far, the Galaxy S8 has had no safety issues and the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to return to the market as a refurbished device featuring a smaller battery. However, the handset won’t be available in the U.S.

The Galaxy Note 8 release date is expected to be announced between August and September.