Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 text and video multi-window Fionna Agomuoh

The thin-bezel infinity display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the device’s primary features. The smartphone is striking with its lack of a home button providing a seamless front area. Its dual-edge curved display allows the device to have a large screen on a small and thin frame. The Galaxy S8 features a 5.8-inch display, while the Galaxy S8 Plus features a 6.2-inch display.

Samsung has shifted away from the flat form factor for its flagships in its last two product launches. Reports prior to the Galaxy S8 launch also suggested Samsung plans to make the dual-edge display a staple on all Galaxy flagships moving forward. Consumers can possibly expect the manufacturer to use this method to further increase the screen size on its smartphones.

“It’s really about optimizing the viewing experience on the device,” a Samsung representative told International Business Times at a briefing prior to the Galaxy S8 release. “All the input we’ve received from consumers and businesses is that the key critical part about increasing the size of the display.”

Samsung notes the expanded display allows for various usage improvements, from increased productivity to an improved media experience. The 18:9:5 aspect ratio on the Galaxy S8 allows users to make the most of a feature called multi-window, which was already well known among Samsung users. However, the taller display on the Galaxy S8 may make it even more functional.
“We had multiwindow before -- you could watch a video and browse at the same time. But if you wanted to watch a video and send a text message; you pull up the keyboard you don't quite have enough room,” Samsung marketing exec Drew Blackard told reporters ahead of the Galaxy S8 launch.

“Now you'll be able to watch a full video, have a text message window where you can actually see the interaction going on and your keyboard all on one screen. These experiences were really hard to do on other kinds of phones,” Blackard said.

The Galaxy S8 allows for an improve experience when browsing, shopping and reading books, allowing users to scroll more and see more, according to Blackard.

Samsung also announced the Galaxy S8 is certified Mobile HDR premium by the UHD Alliance, meaning colors, contrast ratio, and other video aspects will play onto the Galaxy S8 in the exact way they are encoded by content creators. This brings an even more true to life experience to viewing video on the Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available for preorder at U.S. carriers and retailers. The device will hit stores April 21.