Samsung is planning to launch their new Galaxy S10 devices this coming Feb. 20. However, will this new device be on par with its rival iPhone XS Max upon release? Here’s a quick comparison of their specs and features.

According to Cnet, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is rumored to have a large screen with a 6.4-inch display. Moreover, the Galaxy S10 may also have four rear cameras and two front cameras. These extra cameras aren’t just for show but for creating depth and other effects in pictures taken with the phone. It’s also confirmed to have a large battery size and capacity of 4,000 mAh.  However, these details have yet to be confirmed. We do have the Feb. 20 reveal to look forward to for the complete details about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone XS Max has long been released, and it is also a big screen smartphone device with a 6.5-inch display, dwarfing its Samsung rival only for a little bit. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has more cameras than the iPhone XS Max’s dual camera system but also has the depth technology for improving images taken. However, Apple’s device has the Face ID security system, which allows it to be more secure than the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

So far, Samsung has continued to make and announce new devices this 2019. In CES 2019, they confirmed not only the S10 series but also their attempt at a smart device with a “foldable display” with the Galaxy Fold. The screen of the upcoming foldable smart device can be bent to enlargen or minimize their display for the user’s comfort. This 2019, we’ll see the first batch of these devices from Samsung and other phone developers.

Meanwhile, Apple has yet to reveal any of their new devices for 2019. Both CES 2019 and their upcoming event this March seems to focus more on announcing their improvements on their services rather than talk about new devices that they’ll release this year.