After the news about a 108-megapixel camera upgrade and the recently filed Samsung patent for a futuristic spectroscopy system, the Samsung Galaxy S11 is about to receive another exciting, new camera feature, courtesy of a newly-filed Samsung patent. This latest patent application indicates that the tech world might see a much-advanced camera system in the next breed of Samsung smartphones.

Gizmo China reported a new Samsung patent filed at European Union Intellectual Property Office has revealed another huge addition to the upcoming flagship smartphone. The new Samsung patent is all about a new software feature called Space Zoom, which will allow smartphone users to zoom on an object without losing quality. However, the patent doesn't go into details about the new software feature, but the reports said that it still in line with the previous Samsung rumors about Galaxy S11.

Samsung to improve its camera portfolio

Samsung has been working to improve the camera capabilities on its flagship smartphone lines. The company is looking to integrate the software feature Space Zoom on their smartphone lines. However, the description posted on the patent suggests that it just a new name for the hybrid zoom feature that Samsung is, reportedly, developing in their lab.

Samsung Android smartphone John Tekeridis/

The hybrid zoom feature is no longer new in the mobile world. The software technology has already been used on some of the modern smartphones, like the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom and the Huawei P30 Pro. The hybrid zoom delivers better quality than the traditional digital zoom feature. This new feature will eclipse the 5x zoom camera feature that had been first rumored to be included on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11.

Samsung's other patent application

Gizmo China, previously, reported that Samsung has recently filed a patent for a smartphone-embedded IR spectrometer. This recent patent application indicates that the upcoming Galaxy S11 might have an advanced sensing system, which reportedly uses infrared technology and a dedicated spectroscopy chip to analyze the moisture content of an object.

Adding such an advanced sensor technology to a smartphone will further strengthen Samsung’s position as a more technologically advanced smartphone, making it more compelling for the consumers to buy than Apple's iPhone lines.

Samsung gets battery certification for Galaxy S11

The company is, reportedly, preparing for the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S11 series next year. As a part of the big preparation, the Safety Korea website this week released a certification for a battery with the model number EB-BG980ABY for the Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphone. The new smartphone has been certified with 3,739 mAh battery.

GSM Arena reported that Samsung made some major improvements in the latest battery. The new battery cell will now bring a massive 20 percent improvement to the previous battery that was used in Galaxy S10, which was powered by a 3100 mAh battery cell.

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S11 at next year’s 2020 Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned for more updates about the Galaxy S11.