The next generation iPhone and flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphones could get waterproofed using a new hi-tech spray that gives a coating which protects circuit boards from water damage.

According to Pocket Lint which is a technology website, the nanotech spray, called HZO tech, is so water-resistant that users can fully submerge their phones in water without any ill effects. The HZO tech, developed by a company of the same name, adds a nanoscale film barrier with special liquid-repellent properties to handsets during the manufacturing process.

HZO demonstrated its credentials at the Consumer Electronics Show, dunking an enhanced iPhone into a tank of water repeatedly.

We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HZO and he couldn't believe his eyes, the HZO spokesperson told Pocket-Lint.

Similar competing technology is being offered by two other companies. Motorola already uses Splash Guard (Aridion) from P2i on the Droid RAZR and the XYBOARD tablet. Liquipel is another waterproofing outfit that will treat your existing device to prevent water damage.

Adding HZO during the manufacturing process would ensure that all components are protected from water. Apple may also come forward with a waterproofed iPhone 5 later this year.