The recently leaked Samsung Life Times app
The recently leaked Samsung Life Times app SamMobile

Rumors in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 featuring a fingerprint scanner have been circulating heavily, but a recent leak could bring some validity to the prospective feature.

Tech informant @evleaks has shared screen captures of a supposed .apk file, seemingly belonging to a feature called Fingerprint Service -- evleaks claims that the image derives from the Samsung Galaxy S5. While such a screen capture isn't much to prove the existence of the fingerprint scanner feature for the Galaxy S5, there have been several indications that the upcoming device will include such a mechanism. During the 2014 International CES in January, Samsung Executive Vice President of Mobile Business Lee Young Hee told Bloomberg that Samsung was "studying the possibility" of a finger scanner for the Galaxy S5. The Korea Herald reports that the iris scanner technology previously rumored as a Galaxy S5 flagship feature isn't developed enough, and that Samsung may implement a fingerprint scanner instead. The Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner will reportedly differ from the Apple iPhone 5s Touch ID by scanning fingerprints on screen rather than through a sensitized home button.

In addition, evleaks shares a .apk file screen capture for a feature called 3D Tour Viewer, which the informant claims is also from the Galaxy S5. There's no indication of what this feature does; however, Samsung devices are known for their fanciful features. Other rumors have also suggested that the manufacturer plans to increase its software development for the Galaxy S5.

Notably, other devices have had .apk files leak during their prerelease. The Google Experience Launcher on the Nexus 5, for example, was discovered in .apk form within an Android 4.4 KitKat log file prior to the release of the device and operating system. With the fingerprint scanner APK file, many are skeptical of its validity due to the fact that it is a screen capture and not an actual file. Proof of the fingerprint scanner may not come until more leaks surface, or until the Galaxy S5 is unveiled.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Life Times App

As said, many expect Samsung’s upcoming device to include several new and updated software features, and one of those features may be an app called Life Times. The app, noted as a cross between Samsung My Magazine, Samsung Story Album, Google Now, and HTC Blinkfeed, Life Times appears to archive notifications from social networks as well as log of information coming from various stock apps, including camera, music, phone dialer. SamMobile discovered the feature within the firmware from of device with the model number SM-G900H -- a model number series, which has long been associated with the Galaxy S5. Sources consider that Life Times may be Samsung’s latest generation of app, which allow users to store their important moments in one place for easy retrieval. However, the screen capture that have been found are notably overrun with spelling errors and other issues, which could mean the app is a fabrication or an extremely early version.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Name Confirmation?

Though most have been long been referring to the Galaxy S5 as the Galaxy S5, Samsung hasn't yet actually confirmed its name. Culminating its recent leaks, evleaks recently tweeted that Samsung is “sticking with a winner, name-wise,” indicating that the upcoming device will in fact be called the Samsung Galaxy S5. Evleaks is quite respected among smartphone enthusiasts; however, the proposal of a name confirmation at this point could be construed as stating the obvious, especially among the releases of competitor devices such as the iPhone 5s and the Nexus 5. As said, all aspects of the Galaxy S5, including its name, remain unconfirmed by Samsung.

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