Samsung Galaxy S8 display rumors
A Samsung S7 Edge smartphone is displayed during the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, Jan. 5, 2017. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

As we get closer to Mobile World Congress (MWC), more leaks related to the Samsung Galaxy S8 keep turning up. And on Monday, a picture said to be of the glass panel to be used on the device surfaced on Twitter.

If this is indeed the S8 glass panel, it would confirm some of the earlier rumors about the device — an edge-to-edge curved display, no home button and slimmer bezels than the previous iteration — the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The tweet, which is in Polish, surfaced Monday but was picked up by English media Thursday. Translated, the tweet indicates the photos were sourced from a Chinese screen protector supplier. The tweeter, DforDesign, claimed the source was legitimate who hasn’t been wrong before.

One thing that is peculiar about the glass panel is the slots placed at the top bezel. Generally, smartphones have three gaps at the top — one for the front camera, one for the top-mounted speaker and one for a sensor. Some Samsung smartphones have a front cam, a front-facing flash, a speaker and two sensors — a total of 5 slots.

However, the glass panel in the photograph has 6 sensors, with a pair of two identical ones on each side. The extra spot is a mystery right now, but given the features in the doomed Note 7, it could be an Iris scanner.

Will the S8 have slim bezels? Will Samsung finally ditch the home button? These questions might be answered at MWC in Barcelona, if Samsung chooses to showcase the device there.