Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch Active boasts of upgraded features that will allow it to compete with the latest Apple Watch.

Samsung is reportedly working on a new Galaxy Watch Active model that has full-on health monitoring capabilities that make it a direct rival to Apple’s health-oriented Apple Watch 4. The new smartwatch, dubbed the Galaxy Watch Active 2, will also have a new feature absent in the first model released less than a year ago.

A new LTE version?

It was previously reported that Samsung is working on giving the Galaxy Watch Active a serious upgrade. One of the key upgrades comes in the form of a red circle found on the lower button located on the right side of the watch, and a small hole sitting next to that button.

Some might think that the red circle has no purpose at all, but it actually has. According a leak from Android Headlines, Samsung is planning on releasing a cellular LTE version and a wi-fi only version of the watch.

The red circle and the small hole, which is likely an opening for a microphone, will identify the LTE version. Those who use the LTE version will be able to make and take calls directly on the device itself.

Health features

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also said to feature Fall Detection, an ECG monitor, and Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) notifications. Forbes noted that these features make the new smartwatch a serious Apple Watch competitor.

The Fall Detection feature will sense if the wearer falls to the ground and is unable to get up. If the wearer is unable to get up from the fall, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will inform trusted contacts or call emergency services for help.

The ECG and AFib notifications functions will work the same way as they do on the Apple Watch 4. It’s unclear, however if the features will come with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 at launch, or if they will come via an update at a later time.

Samsung hasn’t announced anything about the new Galaxy Watch Active 2 yet. Stay tuned for updates as they come.

Galaxy Watch Galaxy Watch Photo: Samsung Newsroom