• Samsung is the first company to introduce a foldable smartphone
  • It seems that Samsung is going to introduce a smartphone with a new form factor, the extendable smartphone
  • Samsung is reportedly unveiling its extendable smartphone to a private conference At CES 2020

In 2016, South Korean tech and electronics giant Samsung showed a rollable display. Several patents filed by the company with expandable and retractable displays have been spotted along with a recent patent showing an expandable screen that offers an adjustable screen with the aid of a movable backside plate. It seems that the South Korean giant has made some clearance as a new report now claims that it might showcase an extendable smartphone at a private booth at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Samsung is going to reveal a concept smartphone with a slide-out screen during the CES 2020, according to ETNews. The public will not have the chance to see the device with a new form factor, according to the report. However, considering that Samsung will showcase the device at the CES 2020, even to select few indicates significant progress in terms of development that Samsung was able to achieve.

With Samsung, extendable smartphones will give users the ability to extend the display estate of the smartphone by up to 50 percent by simply pushing a button. Earlier patent filings revealed that Samsung is looking into different implementations, including an extendable smartphone that extends horizontally or vertically. The South Korean tech giant will likely use a rail mechanism to bring the concept to life.

Samsung extendable display-smartphone Samsung may unveil 'extendable' smartphone to select few at the CES 2020 trade expo Photo: LetsGoDigital

Samsung might use the Polyimide material for the display and not the ultra-thin glass, according to the report. To shield the display from debris and dust, a frame surrounding the extendable smartphone will pop out whenever the user decides to enlarge the display. Sadly, the report does not mention that the Samsung extendable smartphone will be commercially available anytime soon, which is not surprising at all.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, being the first-ever foldable smartphone to be released, met several delays because of various issues mainly due to its hinge and display. Consumers’ confidence at smartphones with a new form factor is a bit shaky at this point. Also, rollable technology has not yet been perfected.

The fact that Samsung wants to showcase the extendable smartphone to a private conference at the CES 2020 is a strong indication that the new form factor will be released soon. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing renders and leaks linked to this kind of design. But, at this point, nothing is confirmed yet.