Samsung Wave
Seven months after its debut, the Samsung Galaxy S has officially hit 10 million in sales globally. Samsung Website

Seven months after its debut in June, the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones have officially hit 10 million in sales globally.

While the Galaxy S' closest 2010 smartphone rival, the iPhone 4, hit 14.1 million sales in the last quarter alone, according to Apple's last company earnings, the 10 million is still impressive. The company confirmed the sales information in an email to various media outlets.

The Galaxy S has set a new standard in smarphones and outperformed even our expectations, J. K. Shin, president and head of mobile at Samsung, said in a statement about the phone. We will continue to meet this demand, delivering leading innovation and building smartphones that will maximize user experiences.

According to the Samsung focused blog, Samsung Hub, the company was able to sell 1.4 million devices per month, 40,000 per day. The Samsung Galaxy S actually has several varying models such as the Europa, Apollo and Portal, all European versions. In the U.S., there is the Fascinate, Captivate, and Vibrant.