• A report claims Samsung will release a 5G-enabled version of the Galaxy Z Flip
  • The report also claims the 5G model will come in a new brown color
  • Interestingly, the report says the price of the 5G-enabled and LTE-only variants won't vary significantly

A report claims that Samsung will be releasing a 5G-capable version of the Galaxy Z Flip, and will also make it available in a new color option.

Samsung's first clamshell smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, comes in two colors: mirror black and mirror purple. It also only comes in LTE-only variants, which means users won't be able to take advantage of the speed of 5G networks wherever they are available.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Samsung

A new report from Sammobile, however, reveals that Samsung is planning on releasing a 5G-capable version of the Galaxy Z Flip sometime “in the near future.” This, of course, should be no surprise considering how the South Korean tech giant plans to be the top smartphone maker and seller globally (especially after Huawei got banned in the U.S. again).

Sammobile said the device will only come in a 256GB storage variant only. The company is not working on a 128GB variant (probably for those hoping to spend less but still get the device) or a 512GB variant (for those looking for more storage for photos, videos and other things.).

The report didn't give precise release dates for the 5G-enabled Galaxy Z Flip. It did, however, mention that the device, which has the model number SM-F707, will likely be released in areas where carriers already have 5G up and running. Even more importantly, the report also said it's “unlikely that there would be a significant difference in price compared to the LTE variant.”

That report also claimed that Samsung is also planning on releasing the 5G-enabled variant in a new brown color. The company has created a brown finish that it plans to use on its foldable devices, which means the successor to the Galaxy Fold could also come in this new brown color, the report said.

Now, should those planning on getting the Galaxy Z Flip wait before Samsung releases this reported version? It depends on the buyer. The LTE variant still sells for almost $1,400 without trade-in via Those who don't need 5G can just get it. Those who want 5G, on the other hand, better wait for the company to release the 5G-enabled variant instead.