Samsung Galaxy
Samsung's Galaxy S8 refund offer is said to last up to three months after purchase. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Samsung is reportedly planning to offer Galaxy S8 buyers unconditional refunds as part of its marketing strategy. This might be intended for consumers who may have reservations about Samsung’s products after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

Samsung’s planned unconditional refund offer for the Galaxy S8 is said to last for up to three months since the purchase of the device, according to The Investor. It’s possible that Samsung wants to show off its confidence in the new handset in terms of product quality that’s why it is introducing this offer.

The report didn’t provide any more specifics on Samsung’s planned refund offer for the Galaxy S8, but it might explain why the company is spending more on marketing, as pointed out by Forbes. The unconditional refund offer could help the Galaxy S8 compensate for the losses that Samsung experienced after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

The Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s first major flagship after the Note 7. It would make sense for the company to make a marketing scheme like this especially when the Note 7 fiasco is still fresh in people’s minds.

As for how this would work, a consumer can buy a Galaxy S8 and use it for three months. They can then go back to the store and ask for a refund even if the device is completely fine, as explained by Android Headlines.

Although the report is suggesting the the refund offer is an unconditional, no-questions-asked sort of deal, Samsung could still impose some exemptions. One possible caveat could include Galaxy S8 units that’s clearly been damaged by the user. After all, there may be some people trying to take advantage of the deal unfairly and Samsung wouldn’t want to give out full refunds all the time.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are set to be unveiled on March 29 in New York City. Previous reports have indicated that the company is planning to manufacture more than 12 million units by the time the Galaxy S8 hits stores in April.