Samsung’s C-Lab projects have received offers for investments and further development. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

Samsung showcased head-turning inventions from its Creative Lab (C-Lab) internal program at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018. Now there’s information that the ingenious projects have received offers for investments and further development.

Korea Herald reported Monday that Samsung’s three C-Lab projects — S-Ray speakers, GoBreath and Relumino glasses — have received investment offers since catching the attention of the industry earlier this month.

The S-Ray speakers are directional sound systems that enable users to privately enjoy listening to music without the sound spreading to surrounding environments. Directional speakers aren’t really something new, but C-Lab’s S-Ray speakers were designed to be compact and portable so users could bring them anywhere. This project has received an offer for investment and distribution by an American retailer.

The second C-Lab project that Samsung showcased at CES 2018 was GoBreath, an inhaler-like device that aids people with damaged lungs. The device connects with a mobile app and teaches patients with post-operative complications the different breathing techniques that would ensure their speedy recovery. GoBreath reportedly received offers for funding and clinical trial. The makers of the device also got an invitation to bring the new technology to a related conference.

Finally, Samsung third C-Lab project are the Relumino glasses. The device is designed to help people with vision problems see clearer. The Relumino glasses were made as a follow-up to the Relumino app that the South Korean tech giant presented at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. The glasses work in conjunction with a smartphone. “The smartphone processes images from videos projected through the camera of the glasses, and the processed images are floated into the display of the Relumino glasses to help the wearer see things better,” Samsung explained. Groups representing those with visual impairments and CES organizers expressed their interest in its potential.

Samsung launched C-Lab back in December 2012 with the goal of providing a venue for employees to develop and test out their innovative ideas. Very promising projects are given seed money investments from Samsung and are also guaranteed independent management.

Meanwhile, Samsung is currently busy preparing for the launch of its Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone at next month’s MWC. Industry sources are also hoping for Samsung to introduce its highly anticipated foldable phone at the same event. Unfortunately, Samsung is playing coy on the foldable phone’s launch and other details.