Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. on Wednesday said its 4GB chip based on 50-nm class DRAM production technology has borne the world’s first 32GB DDR3 Memory for low-power server operations.

It requires four times less power than its previous 8GB DDR3 memory module, which is currently used in the. It’s a powerhouse in energy efficiency and performance, “for data center.”

The new chip paves the way for 32G Byte registered dual inline memory module (RDIMM), in line with nine quad-die package (QDP) 16 GB DDR3s are mounted on each side of the printed circuit board for a collective 32GB, highly compact configuration.

It also operates at 1.35-volts, in support of the global trend to cut power usage in mass storage computing environments.

Analysts and research from International Data Corporation (IDC) said the worldwide DDR3 DRAM market will account for 29% of the total DRAM market in 2009 and 75%in 2011 in unit bits. And it expects 2 GB-or-higher DDR3 DRAM will make up 3%of the total DRAM market in 2009 and 33% in 2011.