• Samsung's new bean-shaped Galaxy earbuds will be aptly named "Galaxy Bean"
  • The new earbuds will have active noise cancellation features
  • The earbuds will sell for way cheaper than the AirPods Pro

It seems that Apple's AirPods Pro will soon meet its match. A report from Korea reveals that the new wireless earbuds that Korean tech giant Samsung is working on will have active noise cancellation amongst other new features.

According to a Korean news site Maeil (via Android Central), Samsung's upcoming bean-shaped Galaxy earbuds will have active noise cancellation, which is something that both the acclaimed Galaxy Buds and newer Galaxy Buds Plus do not have. The new feature is expected to give the new earbuds, believed to have the name “Bean,” the ability to go mano-a-mano with Apple's AirPods Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds
Samsung Galaxy Buds Kārlis Dambrāns

As per the report, the new Galaxy “Bean” earbuds will measure 28mm long and 13mm wide. The earbuds will be housed in a charging case that will measure about 26mm thick. These numbers give the impression that they will be very portable, and that the earbuds won't protrude out of users' ears.

Complete and exact measurements are nowhere to be found at the moment, but the report states that Samsung is “considering a plan to further reduce the size of the product” so that they will have a better fit. Some might point out the bean shape might not help with sound isolation, but Samsung believes that won't be a problem

The Galaxy Beans makes use of two speakers and three microphones per earbud. These components will allow the device to produce “superior audio quality.” The active noise cancellation feature is expected to further enhance the device's sound quality by canceling external noise.

The Korean report claims that the Galaxy Bean will be sold for 170,000 won in South Korea. This, as per Google, converts to about USD $140. Android Central noted that the device might be sold as a more premium offering compared to the Galaxy Buds Plus, which means the older model might get a price cut, or the new audio accessory might be sold for a higher price in the U.S.

The Galaxy Beans will not replace the Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Buds Plus. Instead, it will be sold alongside the older models, and will be launched beside new Galaxy Note products “around August”.