Samsung’s plans to replace the TV remote might not be dead after all.

Samsung recently updated its Smart View app for iOS on Apple’s App Store. While the description itself hasn’t been updated in the App Store, leaked screenshots suggest the app received some major new features, according to Variety.

The latest version of Samsung’s Smart View app features tabs for content from streaming providers, such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. While there’s no tab for Netflix, that doesn’t mean that Samsung won’t add one in the near future. There’s also a tab for live TV content that includes features like recently watched shows, featured content and more.

In addition, the app also has tabs for local media and TV Plus, Samsung’s streaming channels which are powered by Fandango. The update makes it so users will be able to beam content from any of those providers directly to their TVs, using their smartphones as remote controls. The leak also suggests there’s a search icon, which suggests that Samsung may have added a search feature to its mobile app.

In 2013, Samsung acquired startup Boxxee to help reinvent its smart TV technology. Samsung’s goal was to give consumers a dedicated tablet as a remote control. Samsung’s remote control would feature a guide that offered live TV and streaming providers in one interface. Obviously it didn’t work as Samsung ditched the project two years later. The company also ended up laying off most of the Boxee’s staff.

Samsung hasn’t officially announced Smart View’s new features but are likely going to be announced at CES in Las Vegas next week.