It’s Christmas Eve, meaning soon Santa Claus will be flying around the globe delivering presents. Though the chubby North Pole gift-giver goes unnoticed and nobody really knows when exactly he’ll arrive, there’s a way to track his location through the evening and into Christmas morning. 

There are several ways to track Santa this year, but until he leaves the North Pole Sunday there isn’t anything to track quite yet. So those looking to get the inside scoop have to settle for games and stories about Santa’s planned trip.

There are two dominant websites to track Santa's whereabouts. The North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, has been tracking Santa every year since 1955. The first year was actually an accident, but soon it became a tradition. NORAD uses satellites, radar tracking sites, fighter pilots and “Santa cams” to track Santa all around the globe on Christmas.

All of this information is available on the NORAD website, the app and on social media. Additionally, anyone with an Amazon home product and the NORAD Tracks Santa skill can ask Alexa for the location of Santa on Christmas Eve.

Where Is Santa Right Now? 

Until the tracker is up and running there is a North Pole Village with a countdown, games and activities available online and the entire site can be viewed in eight languages, according to NORAD. Starting at 6 a.m. EST Sunday, there will be phone operators available to talk to anyone interested in Santa’s location.

The other option to track Santa will be Google Earth. Google has been tracking Santa for 13 years online. There will be a countdown to Santa’s journey and the tracker is scheduled to go live on Sunday, available online as well as in the Android App and on Chromecast.

Each day leading up to the holiday, Google is introducing new games to the site to teach visitors to the site coding skills or about the countries of the world. The list of games will grow to 23 by Dec. 23, after that the tracker should be available and all of the games will have been released.