Sarah Ferguson previously made a cheeky confession about her underwear while she was three months pregnant with Princess Beatrice.

During her tour of America with Prince Andrew in 1988, the Duchess of York tried to entertain the American press while promoting the British monarchy. Royal author Kitty Kelley detailed an encounter between the media and Ferguson after she and Prince Andrew arrived in Long Beach.

In the book “The Royals,” Kelley said that Ferguson’s honest remarks shocked Americans during her trip.

“Fergie, who resented her negative press coverage, tried to ingratiate herself with reporters, while Andrew ignored them. ‘Don’t talk to them,’ he advised… Sarah, three months pregnant, arrived wearing French couture but she quickly disclosed that her underpants were made in Britain,” Kelley said.

The royal author also quoted Ferguson with saying that her knickers were from Marks and Sparks as a reference to the brand Marks and Spencer, which is known as a budget department store brand where middle-class housewives in the United Kingdom shop for clothes.

Beth Allcock, a journalist for Express, said that Ferguson might have thought that her remark was appropriate because she was in the United States to promote Britain’s arts and industry. Marks and Spencer is a popular British brand.

Meanwhile, this is not the only shocking comment that Ferguson uttered while she was in the United States. Kelley revealed that the mom of two was dubbed as the biker babe from hell because she was very different Princess Diana, who was known as the sweetheart next door.

While speaking with the schoolchildren, Ferguson talked about Queen Elizabeth II’s toilets.

“Schoolchildren who had never met a Duchess before crowded around Fergie and peppered her with questions about living in a castle. She said that the hardest part was going to the bathroom,” Kelley said.

Ferguson said that she has to pull up on the toilet instead of pushing down and always bungled it.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson arrives to take her seat inside St George's Chapel ahead of the wedding of her daughter Britain's Princess Eugenie of York to Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on Oct. 12, 2018. Getty Images/Yui Mok