Sarah Palin is going to be a grandma for the second time in six years and she is beyond excited. In June, it was announced that her daughter, Bristol Palin, would be welcoming her second child into the world. The news came just a month after she and former fiancé Dakota Meyer called off their wedding. The former vice presidential hopeful has been silent about her daughter's second pregnancy -- that is, until now. 

According to Us Weekly, Sarah, 51, was asked about the baby in an interview with CBS News. Correspondent Tracy Smith questioned whether the "Going Rouge: An American Life" author imagined that her only daughter would find herself "unmarried and pregnant again," to which she simply responded, "Heck, no!" She then shared a heartfelt message for single mothers all around the world, acknowledging their hard work. Sarah told Smith she's seen first hand just how difficult being a single parent can be by watching her daughter raise her son Tripp. While she may not have pictured her daughter's life playing out the way it has, Sarah said she is very much looking forward to being a grandmother once more.

"I can't wait for about 45 more days and I'm going to have a little baby granddaughter," she said. "And I'm happy about it."

Bristol, 25, revealed the gender of her baby on Oct. 13. The professional public speaker took to Instagram where she shared a photo of her growing baby bump as well as the exciting news. In the photo she can be seen smiling while cradling her belly at more than seven months along. The photo's caption revealed to fans that Bristol is carrying a "baby girl." The photo also appeared on her blog where she again confirmed that she was having a girl.

The Alaskan native confirmed her pregnancy in June, one month after calling off her nuptials. She shared the news in a blog post, though she seemed less than excited at the time. Bristol wrote that she wanted to confirm the pregnancy before tabloids got word of it, adding that she was "trying my hardest" to be positive about the situation. She added that she was certain she was "fully capable" of caring for the child with a little help from God. Still, she told fans she was aware the news of both her split and the new baby would be a "huge disappointment" to family and friends. 

Bristol has yet to respond to her mother's interview.