“Scandal” fans -- ready for some more Operation Remington answers? The truth is slowly coming out, but somehow more questions keep piling up. Find out the latest information unveiled during “Scandal” season 3 episode 6, “Icarus.”


Thanks to a flashback, “Scandal” fans finally got a chance to meet Olivia’s mom, Maya. The last time 12-year-old Olivia saw her mother she was saying goodbye with the promise that she’d return in a couple days. However, as we learned last week, the plane she was on crashed into the ocean.

Looking For Answers

Fearing that her dad will kill Jake, Huck and herself if she asks any more questions, Olivia decides to go to the White House to ask Fitz about Operation Remington. The President is initially in a good mood, believing that Olivia is visiting him to accept the position as campaign manager, but his happy demeanor turns sour when Olivia questions whether he was flying for Operation Remington or doing something else.

Telling her that he’s an open book and willing to talk about anything with her, Fitz refuses to discuss Operation Remington, saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Accusing him of lying about his military record, Fitz puts his foot down on the topic. “You’re talking to the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces,” he bellow at her. And that’s the last straw for Olivia. She walks out, telling him that she can’t work for him.

Jake Keeps Digging

Getting no answers from Fitz, Olivia turns back to Jake for help. Telling him that she needs more information, Jake promises that he’ll get it for her. But Olivia knows it’s a mission he has to be careful with.

“We’re only digging up dirt on the most powerful man in the entire world,” Jake jokes. “How dangerous could it be?”

Dangerous Waters

Fitz tells Cyrus that Olivia knows about Operation Remington, leading Cyrus to call Olivia’s dad, Eli. “You shut down Marcus,” Eli tells Cyrus. “I’ll take care of Ballard.”

When Jake turned to an old friend for help in digging up the Operation Remington flight plan, Jake didn’t realize that she was under the command of Eli and B613. Fortunately, the President caught onto Cyrus and Eli’s plan and hired someone to follow Jake. And it’s a good thing he did, because when Jake went to meet his source she was hiding a surprise for him -- a gun. But Fitz’s agent was able to shoot Jake’s informant before she was able to pull the gun on him.

Bringing Jake back to the White House, Fitz confronts him about letting Operation Remington go. However Jake can’t do it. “Finding out is the only way I can be free from B613,” Jake explains. But Fitz thinks it’s just a way for Jake to get closer to Olivia.

Olivia Breaks

After a couple of drinks, Olivia caves and calls her father.

What was the last thing you said to her?” she asks. Eli tells his daughter that Maya was leaving the house and he kissed her on the cheek before saying “I love you.”

Obviously distraught (and drunk), Eli feels bad and grants his daughter one question. Olivia uses that one question to ask Eli the following: “Did you give the order to have my mother killed?” Eli tells Olivia “no,” and she follows up by asking if Fitz was flying the plane. But Eli is done talking. “The past is the past,” he tells her. “It’s best if you leave it there.”

A Visit From Fitz

Fitz shows up at Olivia’s apartment, but he’s not there to start talking. Telling her that he has always extended her forgiveness, he asks why she can’t do the same. It’s then that Olivia reveals that her mom was on the flight.

“Do you still not know what I’m talking about?” she asks, referring to him denying knowing anything about Operation Remington.

Looking her straight in the eye, Fitz won’t cave. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says.

And Olivia is done asking. “I was 12 when she died,” she tells him, walking towards the door. “I was 12.”

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