What is Operation Remington? That’s the big question on the minds of “Scandal” fans. And unfortunately that question remained unanswered after episode 3, “Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington.”

While “Scandal” viewers might still not know what the big secret is behind Operation Remington, we did learn a little bit more about the top secret information.

At the same time that Mary Lawrence was threatening Capitol Hill with a bomb, a man tried to break into the Oval Office by sneaking away from a White House tour. Agents were able to apprehend the man, but not before he began yelling about talking to the President about “Project Remington.”

The name of the man trying to get to the President is Peter Foster … a name that Cyrus somehow knows. When he learns that Foster is in the custody of the FBI, Cyrus demands that they release the Oval Office crasher. While his reasons are currently unknown, it’s obvious that he’s up to no good because his next step is to call Eli Pope, Olivia’s father.

Eli visits Peter in his trailer outside the city to offer the man a large sum of money to keep quiet about Operation Remington. But in a surprise move Peter refused to take the money, and it’s revealed that this isn’t the first time that Eli tried to pay him off for what he knows.

So, what does Peter Foster want? Simply for a chance to speak with the President about Operation Remington.

Eli says he’ll see what he can do and leaves Peter’s trailer. Outside the trailer Eli finds himself face-to-face with Huck … who puts a gun to his head. Huck’s bent on revenge for B613 and doesn’t appear to know about Operation Remington, but he somehow ends up getting involved when Olivia’s father tells him that he left Huck a gift inside the trailer.

When Huck walks inside he finds Peter handcuffed to a table with two items on it: duct tape and a blade. In another surprising twist, Huck kills Peter Foster for no apparent reason, staging a suicide.

“Scandal” viewers learn that Eli not only still controls Huck, but still has his claws in Jake … who claims to Olivia that he doesn’t know what her father’s plans are.

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