What would Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) life be like if she didn't become a professional fixer for the White House in “Scandal” Season 6, episode 10? ABC

“Scandal” Season 6 stars Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn recently dished on the major changes that will happen to their characters in the 100th episode.

In the teaser released by ABC for “The Decision,” a flashback from several years ago shows Olivia Pope (Washington) agreeing not to fix the result of the election in favor of Fitz (Goldwyn). This bold move would not place the latter in the Oval Office.

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While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Washington was asked what would’ve become of Olivia if she hadn’t become the White House’s official fixer. “Everyone is so different, it’s really extraordinary. We’re all still the same at our core, but the circumstances of our lives are so different, so it’s a really fun exercise in nature vs. nurture, actually,” she said.

The clip already confirmed that Olivia will tie the knot, but the actress refused to name her character’s would-be husband.

Goldwyn also talked about his character and said that Fitz would lead a very different life in the upcoming installment. “He’s very different. It’s something of study of how the circumstances of our lives shape our identity, how we see ourselves, and how we present ourselves to the world. It’s subtle, the difference, it’s just really interesting who he is and what he struggles with. He ultimately is quite different,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bellamy Young also confirmed that Mellie and Fitz will not be married in the episode. But Mellie has a wedding ring on her finger, so she could be married to someone else. “Mellie’s alternate reality is every bit ambitious and every bit flawed in just wanting to be loved, just willing to try sacrificing parts of herself for love and success, and realizing that it doesn’t work, just like it doesn’t work in the present reality,” she said.

“Scandal” Season 6, episode 10 will air on ABC on April 13 at 9 p.m. EST.