“Scandal” Season 6, episode 1 will see Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) stressing over the results of the presidential elections.

In the sneak peek released by ABC for “Survival of the Fittest,” Olivia carefully keeps track of the election updates on television. The reporter reveals that the results are so close, and up until the last few minutes, it could be anyone’s ball game. A concerned Olivia wants Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) to become the new president, so she urges those who have not yet cast their votes to do so while there’s still time. California is also the only state whose votes haven’t been counted, so it’s a crucial time for the lead character and her entire team.

When Mellie finds out that the results are “too close to call,” she exhales deeply. Mellie has been eager to take the Oval seat since her estranged husband, President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), had the power. But the synopsis for Season 6 premiere episode also revealed that the results of the elections will be shocking. By the looks of it, Mellie might not become the next president of the United States. Her opponent, Governor Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira), may win the hearts of the American people after he was able to talk a man out of killing himself and taking him down with him.

Meanwhile, after the results of the election are released, the remainder of the episode will feature a series of flashbacks focusing on the events that led up to the present day. The flashbacks are expected to also unveil the things Olivia did to make sure her bet would take over the White House.

“Scandal” Season 6, episode 1 will air on ABC on Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. EST.