“Scandal” Season 7 star Bellamy Young recently shared some details from the upcoming episodes of the hit ABC series.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Young, who plays the role of Mellie Grant, said that the upcoming 18 episodes will be bittersweet.

“We’re so grateful to be together for another year, but the clock is ticking, so every moment feels precious. These days are magical, and they’re almost over, so we’re just trying to drink as deeply and fully as we can of the magic while it lasts. And we spend a lot of time vowing to be friends forever and making plans together for after we wrap. The show may end, but this family will live on,” she said.

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When “Scandal” Season 7 premieres in October, Mellie will already be the President of the United States since there will be a brief time jump towards the end of episode 1. According to Young, the premiere episode will kick off right where the finale for Season 6 left off. But things will speed up a bit before the installment ends.

Talking about Mellie as the new president, Young said, “We really get a chance to watch her grow into being president – a dream she’s had for too long, but dreams are never quite what you expected when they come true. We also get to watch Olivia come into her own source of power in the White House.”

Young added that Mellie will feel invincible since Olivia (Kerry Washington) is on her side. However, what the former doesn’t know is that the latter could be keeping things from her. The actress said that Mellie will soon find out the truth about Olivia, but during the first few episodes, the two female characters will form a formidable team.

“For now, Mellie respects Liv: She knows what an asset and an ally she is. She’s excited that they’re finally getting this time – and knows that together they can change the world,” she said.

Scandal” Season 7 will premiere on ABC on Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. EST.