iMessage to Android
Apple is revealed to have created mockups of its iMessage app for the Android platform. Apple

Chances are you’ve had a realization far too late at night to text someone about it, maybe it’s something you forgot to do, or a last-minute event on your schedule, so you decide to text them in the morning and when morning rolls around you forget.

But now, there’s an app for that. The Scheduled app will allow you to type out that message and set a time you want to be reminded to send it.

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It’s available in the app store for iPhone and it’s easy to use. You just choose the person you want to text and write out the message to them through the app. Then you can choose when you want a reminder set for and as long as you’ve enabled notifications for the app, you’ll get a push notification when it’s time to hit send, according to Tech Crunch.

We all have busy schedules so it’s easy to get caught up and forget to press send in that “happy birthday” message. It was released earlier this week and there are plans to add support for Android in the future but when it comes to enabling automatic sending, the company behind the app, Brthrs Agency, doesn’t plan to go there, as Apple prohibits it.