“Trüberbrook” is an upcoming adventure game that’s launching for multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch next year. Kickstarter/btf

“Trüberbrook” is an upcoming thrilling mystery sci-fi adventure game that’s currently gathering support from interested players through Kickstarter. Its campaign has already surpassed its initial goal and it is also close to unlocking its final stretch goal with 9 days left before the crowdfunding project closes.

For those who are not familiar with the game, “Trüberbrook” is a single player adventure game that’s set in cold war rural Germany in the late 1960s. It is being developed by art students from Cologne and Berlin, Germany who formed a developing team called btf.

The developers drew their inspiration for “Trüberbrook” from “The X-Files,” “Star Trek,” “Twin Peaks” and “Stranger Things.” Despite the mysterious nature of the game, it actually tackles universal themes like love, friendship, loyalty and self-discovery. It features handmade miniature scenery and an atmospheric, moody soundtrack.

In the game, players assume the role of an American student named Hans Tannhauser, who surprisingly wins a trip to a small, German village called “Trüberbrook.” Despite not knowing what awaits him there, Tannhauser heads to Trüberbrook out of curiosity. The adventure begins when Tannhauser arrives in the peculiar village.

Tannhauser has a Ph.D. in quantum physics, so he brings with him some academic materials. For some unknown reason though, a stranger breaks into his room one night to steal a paper from his stash. He then learns that the villagers and spa guests are not normal as they appear to be. The only one who seems to act like him is a young anthropologist named Gretchen Lemke. This leads to a collaboration between Tannhauser and Lemke who are now eager to save the world from the weird that’s emanating from Trüberbrook.

The game is story-driven, but players will only be able to control Tannhauser from a third-person perspective. This gives players the impression that they are looking into a little diorama and simply watching the bizarre story unfold before their eyes. However, they should also be aware that there’s more to this game than just following the flow of the story.

The story only progresses depending on the interaction Tannhauser makes with the environment. Communication with other characters is also important. Then, there are several puzzles and challenges that players should accomplish in order for them to uncover the mysteries happening in Trüberbrook. Btf says every puzzle in the game was designed to integrate into the narrative, so it’s a must for players to solve them.

The Kickstarter project for “Trüberbrook” was launched on Nov. 14. Backers quickly reached the US$ 94,957 initial goal of the project. Funding for the game has already unlocked all stretch goals save for the final one, which would provide players access to the behind-the-scenes of the project. With 9 days to go before the campaign closes, it’s very possible for the final stretch goal to get unlocked.

“Trüberbrook” is coming to Windows PC, Mac, Linux and console platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch next year. The game, which promises 10 hours of super exciting gameplay, is scheduled for release in September 2018. Find out more about this game by visiting its Kickstarter page here.